Artwork Tips


Design Resolution

Firstly and most importantly, ensure your artwork is high resolution, that is, preferably over 300dpi! We do accept files as low as 150dpi but for best results 300dpi or higher is essential.

If you've downloaded an image or logo from google or a website it's highly likely that it's low resolution (usually around 96dpi or lower) These images will give poor quality prints and are not recommended. Our designer App will warn you if the quality of the image is below our threshold, you'll need to agree to the disclaimer shown at the time of upload in order to proceed.

For your assitance, there is a colour coded quality slider visible in the properties box when the design is highlighted or resized.

For best print results try to keep the quality slider green. See example below......



If the image is of poor or reduced quality you will be warned and would need to click the disclaimer stating you are aware and are happy to proceed. See example below.....


'Quality Warning'


Note: "Re Saving" low resolution artwork in a higher resolution copy file does not mean this will improve the quality. It simply adds the low resolution image to the new file without improvement. A good analogy is to imagine this as like taking a photograph of another "blurred" photograph. Even though the new pic is high resolution, it doesn't change the original "blurred" photograph, it simply copies it.


File Types


Our preferred file types for any artwork are vector files such as PDF, SVG or CDR. These give the highest quality results as they can be enlarged and manipulated without losing resolution and have smooth sharp lines. PNG files are also good as they usually have transparant backgrounds.



With regard to backgrounds, if you don't want it to be visible ensure this is transparant. You'll usually see this as a grey and white "checkered" effect when opening the file in any popular design software such as Photoshop.

Note: A white background is not transparant . If you see it in the background of your design once you've upload it this is what will be printed!

You can easily make the background transparent within the Designer App, All you need to do for example is highlight the image and click the "Remove Background" button in the image properties box .

This should delete the white and make transparent! Remember, you'll need good artwork for best results!! 

If the image is poor quality it may not remove all of the background. If this is the case or you are unsure, just ask us to remove it in the 'notes or instructions' box at the checkout.


Designer View

When viewing an uploaded design or text in the Designer it's important to note that due to screen size limitations the 'view' is not to scale.

As a handy guide we show exact design size dimensions (in centimetres) both within the orange print area box and to the left in the Properties box when the text or design is clicked on.

It's easy to resize your design if you need to, you can either drag a corner to the desired size or enter the new dimensions by clicking on the size already shown in the print area box.

We reserve the right to resize your design to ensure the best asthetic look and print quality, the final print size would depend on the shirt size, design dimensions and the size of platten frame we'd need to use in order to hold the shirt. We will try to keep the dimensions as close as possible to the original in this event though.

Please ask us prior to placing your order if you're unsure, either in the Chat box or email us at



Although we can reproduce super sharp images, as fabrics such as cotton or Poly/Cotton aren't by definition perfectly smooth and flat (like gloss paper for example), very fine lines on very small designs and text may 'get lost' in the fabric weave and could appear fuzzy. This is due to the nature of the fabric and not the print resolution. Please be aware of this when designing or sizing your text and/or design. We recommend keeping text above 5mm if it contains very thin lines and lines more than 1mm for designs or logo's. **If your design file allows editing, we reserve the right to amend any designs to compensate for this and ensure best print results.

A 100% Cotton fabric give the best print results when Direct Digital Print is used.

A good rule of thumb is...the more cotton in the fabric the brighter the image. If the Polyester content of the fabric is high it could give a duller finish in comparison, especially white images. This is a technical limitation of the Inks used in Direct Digital Print only and doesn't usually apply to Screen Print.

Please ask  us if you are unsure of the final result prior to ordering and we can advise accordingly.


Final Results

Please be aware, the final print result will only be as good as the artwork you provide.

We reserve the right to resize your design to ensure the best asthetic look and print results, we will try to keep the dimensions as close as possible to the original in this event though

Note: White garments will have a different 'feel' in comparison to Coloured garments. This is because we need to 'pre treat'  the garment and print a white underbase in order for the print colours to have enough vibrancy and achieve the very best results.  This is not necessary or advisable on white garments as the pre treat process would stain the fabric.

Please ask us prior to placing your order if you're unsure, either in the Chat box or email us at

Remember.........What you see, is what we print!!


Artwork Design Service

We do offer an artwork design service if you feel you need help or your current design needs re drawing. Simple "tweaking" is FREE! For more complexed and time consuming artwork, prices start at £15.00 + vat. Ask us for more details.


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